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the mortgage section

Tips For Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster

The longer you have a mortgage, the more interest you pay. The more interest you pay, the more money banks make. Here are a few ways that you can keep more money for yourself:

  1. Accelerated Bi-Weekly Payment Option
    A good way to shorten your amortization may be to choose the accelerated bi-weekly payment option. This allows you to pay half of your monthly payment every two weeks. By doing this, you end up making the equivalent of one extra monthly payment a year. To see how this works, see the following example.

Borrow Against Your Home and Lower Your Debt Interest Payments

Everyone knows interest on credit card debt can be costly – it should be avoided at all costs. If you own a home, you are in a great spot to lower your interest rate and eliminate credit card debt.

Renewing Your Mortgage – a Chance to Save Money

Renewing your mortgage is a great opportunity to save money. At the end of your current mortgage term (whether it’s 6 months, 5 years, or anything in between), the bank will send you an offer that includes a new interest rate to renew your mortgage. This is simply an offer and you have no obligation to renew with your current bank.

In fact, the offer a bank sends you for renewal is rarely the best deal you can get. Why? Because 70% of home owners simply accept this first offer, so banks have no incentive to truly give you the best deal.

Understanding Mortgages

When selecting a mortgage, it's important to understand two key attributes – the type and rate. Choosing the best type and rate for your situation can end up saving you a lot of money.

Let’s start with understanding the three common mortgage types – these include closed, open and convertible mortgages.

  1. Closed Mortgage

A Guide to the Professionals Involved in Your Home Purchase

When you're buying a home, you'll deal with many different professionals. To make sure your new home purchase goes smoothly, take a minute to understand who will be involved in the process.


It's a good idea to understand how much a home is worth before submitting your offer. Home appraisers are a neutral third party who will provide you with an estimate of the value of a home. Not only will they look at the value of the home, they'll also take a look at recent, similar sales as well as an assessment of local market conditions that may impact value.

Variable Rate Mortgage

A mortgage for which the rate of interest may change if other market conditions change. This is sometimes referred to as a floating rate mortgage.

Vendor Take Back Mortgage

A mortgage which a vendor of real property takes from the purchaser usually as part payment of the purchase price for that property.

Wrap Around Mortgage

(Sometimes erroneously called a blanket mortgage)-a new mortgage, which is registered on title, which includes a prior existing mortgage ad the new mortgagee undertakes the responsibility as mortgagor under the original mortgage.

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