Renewing Your Mortgage – a Chance to Save Money

Renewing your mortgage is a great opportunity to save money. At the end of your current mortgage term (whether it’s 6 months, 5 years, or anything in between), the bank will send you an offer that includes a new interest rate to renew your mortgage. This is simply an offer and you have no obligation to renew with your current bank.

In fact, the offer a bank sends you for renewal is rarely the best deal you can get. Why? Because 70% of home owners simply accept this first offer, so banks have no incentive to truly give you the best deal.

Don’t let the bank win – spend a few minutes investigating other options. offers a 1-minute renewal tool that lets you securely enter in a few details of your banks offer – this information will help us determine if a Client’s Choice Mortgage Professional in your area can save you money. Chances are, they can.